Healing Mineral Nail Restoration Kit

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DO YOU SUFFER FROM BRITTLE, SPLIT, THIN OR WEAK NAILS? ARE HANGNAILS A CONSTANT BOTHER AND ISSUE? Are you concerned about the way your nails look and feel? Are you tired of using unnatural chemicals or polish to cover it up? Take the first step towards naturally beautiful and healthy nails with Onsen's Nail Restoration and Care Kit. Designed with a busy lifestyle in mind, this simple, yet effective set is quick and easy to use. The results are immediate and it's exactly what you need to boost your beauty confidence. Never hide your hands again! Take the Onsen Nail Care Challenge and experience the hype for yourself!

  • (1) Onsen Professional Quality Nail File (5.7" x 0.7")
  • (1) Onsen Natural Shine Nail Block (3.25" x 1.125" x 1.125")
  • (1) Onsen Advanced Cuticle Conditioner (1fl oz / 30ml)
  • (1) FREE set of replacement strips for the Onsen Nail Block

Naturally Beautiful, Healthy Nails Start Here


Water, air pollutants, soap, detergents, nail polish and harsh chemicals are common destructive elements our nails are exposed to on a daily basis. All these external elements break down the nail’s natural structure, causing it to become weak and susceptible to cracks, splits, breaking, stains and uneven ridges. It may even slow nail growth.

The Onsen nail care kit is a natural, safe and easy solution. It will quickly restore your damaged or weak nails and give them the boost they need to stay strong and maintain their natural beauty.

Skip the salon! In just minutes a day, this compact kit will transform your nails, leaving them with healthy cuticles and a beautiful, salon-finished shine that lasts up to 10 days!

  • Repair damage after acrylics
  • Renew and strengthen weak nails
  • Smooth out nail ridges and splits
  • Remove stains, protect and moisturize
  • Grow longer, thicker, healthier nails
  • Ultimate shine finish lasts up to 10 days
  • Condition nail bed and cuticles
  • Hangnail prevention

Onsen Professional Nail File

Onsen Natural Shine Nail Block

Onsen Cuticle Cream Conditioner

Natural and Safe Ingredients

Immediate Visible Results

Hangnail Prevention

Sacred Hot Spring Minerals