How to - Add new product to store

Firotin - Apple Store Firotin - Google Play
Step 1
Application side menu (English Left Side)
  • After login successful, will find these options in side menu
  1. Click on  to open left side menu
  2. Click on ( Add product )
Step 2
Select Category & Subcategory
  1. Click & Select on category ( which your product belong ) to open new page. ex. Beauty & Personal Care
  2. Click & Select on subcategory ( which your product belong ) to open new page. ex. Shave & Hair Removal

S1 - Beauty & Personal Care >> S2 -Shave & Hair Removal

Step 3
Product Details
  1. Click on ( Select Image ) to select images for you product from you Mobile photo gallery, you can select multi images.
  2. Select single or multi images for your product
  3. After select images for your product, click on ( Select )
Step 4
Images Selected

After images selected press on ( Next ) to forward to next step

Step 5
Product Details (Name & Price)
  1. Write the full product name, it will be better if Brand, Model & Size written.
  2. Write the description about your product like features and properties.
  3. Click on ( Next ).
  4. Write the Price (recent selling price).
  5. Write the quantity you have of listed product.
  6. List Price, is the old or maybe the same selling price, but if the List Price more than Price, your listed product will show ( Discount Tag ).
  7. Click on ( Create ).

Note: you can write in any language you want (Kurdish, Arabic, English, Turkish ... etc)

Step 6
Product Created & waiting Admin Approval

After the product listed successfully, the product will be undergo of our moderation to check it again, and publishing according your creation.

At this step you can edit the product details, like price, images, descriptions and Shipment weight.