Terms and Conditions policy

as we “Firotin.krd” offering the online shopping services, with following terms and conditions to all our dear customers, so kindly read these simple and easy points carefully.

  • Disclaimer of liability “firotin.krd” not responsible of miss use of online services from customers, as well as between seller and buyer, the products will be shown with 6 photo from seller, full description, condition and selling price.
  • Selling method “firotin.krd” only the list directory for sellers and customers, by the direct contact between them, also “firotin.krd” not responsible of any transaction between both party, as our services every listing cost fee ($0.99) per (1) product for (30) days from admin approval of list.
  • Intellectual Property/Trademarks“firotin.krd” not responsible of trademarks / intellectual property promoted by the seller and “firotin.krd” not guarantee commitment of listed trademarks and/or intellectual property.
  • Brands and Quality “firotin.krd” as online shopping directory not responsible and not guarantee commitment for products listed for sell brands and/or quality.
  • Payments it will be in direct contacts between both party “seller and Buyer” as they made agreement, and we are not part of this procedure.
  • Data Protection keep in mind after the registration with our online shopping services as “seller” all information provided will be in public “phone number, address, email, etc.”, but with limitation, and it must be correct and ability for confirmation.
  • Delivery Terms for each product listed the shipment and delivery method and process should be provided and disclaimer by the seller, and the buyer must provide the seller the correct contact information “Phone number, full address, and availability time”, and any mistake between both party we “firotin.krd” are not responsible.
  • Product Information & Warranties should set out clear terms on how products can be purchased, whether there are any restrictions e.g. the restriction of sale for age-restricted products and services, and what happens in the event that a product cannot be supplied, as we clarified before We Are Not Responsible of Quality, Brand, Trademarks, and Intellectual Property.
  • Copyrights Terms “firotin.krd” as trademark registered in the United State of America, the online listing shopping directory, any use of our name or any other materials connected direct or indirect to our company we have the right to lawsuit according to the law, and ask for Financial compensation.