Kurdistan Page LLC presenting Firotin.KRD, the first advanced online shopping services in Kurdistan and Iraq

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Kurdistan Page LLC. is an American company licensed and registered in the United States of America, and the United States of America in its turn is a major member in the World Trade Organization (WTO), thus all the activities of Kurdistan Page LLC. Legal and protected by the US Corporations and Interests Law around the world.

Kurdistan Page LLC offer you these services with low annual subscription fee

  1. One year Kurdistan Page business guide, and next year renew 40% off.
  2. Professional online store, with international licensing by Firotin Marketplace and smartphone app iPhone and iPad and Android (Samsung, HTC, Huawei .. etc) .
  3. Professional Google AdSense & Google AdWord, like advertising on Youtube & In-app Ads.
  4. Google Maps business location.
  5. Email marketing with professional gateway like MailChip, with 10.000 active users monthly.
  6. Professional social media advertising.

Products Sell and Buy on Firotin Marketplace:

  1. Fashion, shop Lady’s fashion (clothes, shoes) and Accessories, Man’s fashion (clothes, shoes) and Accessories.
  2. Beauty & Personal Care, shop Makeup Skin Care Hair Care Perfumes Foot, Hand & Nail Care Tools & Accessories Shave & Hair Removal Personal Care Oral Care.
  3. Health & Wellness,shop Herbal Supplements, Mineral, Dietary Supplements and Vitamins.
  4. Baby, shop top baby toys, clothing, formula, diaper, and maternity products.
  5. Electronics, Buy & sell electronics, smartphone, laptops, pc, accessories & more on Firotin krd, online marketplace. Top brands, low prices & free shipping on many items.
  6. Home & Kitchen, shop Home and Office decoration products, like Home Accents, Plants & Planters, Lightings, Floating Shelves, Curtains & Rugs Wall Decor, Candles & Fragrances, Kitchen Applicants and Vases. 
  7. Office Supplies, shop many products for your office and school, like School supplies, Desk Accessories, Drawing supplies, Calculators, Safes and more.
  8. Video Games, shop top brand of gaming consuls and games, of Wii, PS, PSVITA, xBox and more.
  9. Digital Products, all online professional and paid services, online vouchers cards and gift cards (Amazon, PS, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Netflix and more).
  10. Jewelry (Gold), All products from Original Gold and Other precious stones, no price will be listed.

Firotin Marketplace stores annual fee subscription and  features plans

  1. Business Stores: $60.00/ Year, 300 products, Transaction fee: 2% and Vendor microstore (https://firotin.krd/YOURSTORE).
  2. Retail Stores: $30.00/ Year, 30 products and Transaction fee: 4% .
  3. Digital Products: $70.00/ Year, 100 products and Transaction fee: 1% .
  4. Medical Suppliers: $100.00/ Year, 300 products and Transaction fee: 4% .
  5. Goldsmith: $110.00/ Year, 100 products and Transaction fee: 0% .
  6. Home Made: $60.00/ Year, 300 products and Transaction fee: 1% .
  7. Electric Products: $60.00/ Year, 300 products and Transaction fee: 2% .

Hurry up don't miss this opportunity by online subscript or call us by call us on (07502503244) or WhatsApp message (+1-941-330-4422)

Why to register for professional online shopping FIROTIN ?

by Kurdistan Page

Why to register for professional online shopping

* Business Expansion & Personalization
* Reach Customers Around The World
* Prices Are Set, Forget Bargaining
* Open 24/7, Even While You Sleep
* Efficiency and accuracy
* Lowering support costs

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With Firotin Your Store will Work continues No Matter Where Are You!

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كوردستان بيج ل.ل.سي. يقدم لكم الخدمات التالية و باسعار مناسبة جدا ( بمناسبة بدء العمل في مدينة دهوك )

1- اشتراك لمدة سنة كاملة في دليل كوردستان بيج ل.ل.سي. عبر الانترنيت على موقع و برنامج https://kurdistan.page و خصم 40% عند تجديد في السنة التالية.
2- متجر احترافي لبيع مباشر و مرخص دوليا عبر الانترنيت على موقع و برنامج https://firotin.krd
3- توفير خدمة Google AdSense و Google AdWord مجانا و بصورة احترافية، مثلا اعلانات على اليوتيوب و البرامج الهواتف الذكية.
4- خدمات اضافة نشاط تجاري الى خرائط Google Maps.
5- خدمة ميلشامب لتسوق عبر البريد الالكتروني مع 10.000 مشترك نشط شهريا.
6- ترويج عبر بوابات المواقع التواصل الاجتماعي بصورة احترافية.

Firotin Application now available at Apple Store & Google Play

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Now you can easily use our services, by downloading our application from Apple Store & Google Play, by below links

Download Firotin App from Apple Store


Download Firotin App from Google Play


One Year Full Free

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A very important announcement from the site "Firotin" and "Kurdistan Page LLC"

For all merchants and retailers a golden opportunity to subscribe to the "Retail Store" package for free for a full year, with all specifications and without sale fees